17 April 2007

How the State Department protects democracy

There is a bunch of really funny stuff here.

Some is incredibly ironic.
"We see democracy being hijacked all over the place," committee member Chester Crocker told his colleagues.
(I wonder how Chester feels about Dick Cheney.)

Some is just poetic.

"Poverty is a cancer that affects democracy," Atwood argued.

"The real cancer is corruption," Gershman rebutted.

(I wonder how Gershman feels about Dick Cheney.)

And some is linguistically odd.
"We've already gotten some outstanding recommendations. . . . I think the other recommendations are great. . . . I couldn't agree more. . . . I agree completely. . . . Great comments. . . . I find myself in violent agreement with what's been said around the table." [emphasis added]
That would be from the former and future Stanford professor Rice.

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